3D Pen Original

How does it work?

Just like a normal pen but much more possibilities.
It extrudes heated plastic that can quickly cools and concrete into a stable solid,
so that you can easily build various of shapes and 3D dimension objects with fun.

Meticulously considered. Remarkable Crafted.

Each detail is taken into consideration to make the 3D Pen more comfortable and light weight to hold with.
And at the same time, functionality or performance is not scarified. Only 0.16kg(5.6 oz) and 36mm(1.4 inch) thickness let you hold in hand at ease.

Draw Your Dreams

A new way to draw in the air or on flat surface.
It also helps you with modeling simple and conceptual objects without any software or computer required.
Just plug in the 3D Pen and start the creation. Don’t let your sparkle slip away.

Easy to Use

No need any training to use this 3D Pen.
You don’t have to learn complicated modeling software.
Just pick it up and start drawing and after several hours of practice, you are able to use it smoothly.


The 3D Pen uses 1.75mm ABS filament.
Totally no harm to health and good modeling ability.
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